About Eau Claire County Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is a unique way of approaching crime and delinquency that focuses on the harm done to the victims, community and the damaged relationships between them. Crime is seen as a real harm done to the victim(s) and the community, not simply an offense committed against the state.

Some victims and supporters express a desire to meet with an offender to have questions answered, to explain the impact of the crime, and how the offender can begin to “make things right.” Our victim-driven program programs a safe setting for victims, offenders and the community to come together voluntarily to talk about the harmful behavior, how to repair this harm and offer some sense of healing for victims.

When working with offenders, our program strives to teach accountability, provide opportunities for amends and prevent future criminal acts.

What is an appropriate referral to Eau Claire Restorative Justice?

Our program is available for residents of Eau Claire county who has been involved in delinquent or criminal behavior creating a scenario that involves a victim and a remorseful offender who hasn’t already taken accountability for their own actions.

Presently, our program is unable to facilitate family, domestic or sexual assault crimes.

Who can make a referral to Eau Claire County Restorative Justice?

Troubled youth

Anyone who believes our programming may help repair the harm of a crime is welcome to refer an individual. Specifically, we encourage referrals from

  • Victims
  • Parents
  • Victims’ family members
  • Victim services
  • Community members/ Neighbors
  • Courts
  • Probation offices
  • Businesses
  • Offenders
  • Offenders’ family members
  • Law enforcement
  • Social services

If you would like more information about the programs offered, please check our Services page. Additionally, you can contact us for additional information or to inquire about volunteering. Contact Us>>