Accountability Mentoring

Accountability mentoring is a strength-based program designed to assist at-risk youth identify their strengths, set goals and identify the steps they need to take to work towards their goals. Mentors hold the youth accountable for their choices, and work with them to develop empathy and accountability. The only requirement for participation in this program is that youth are willing towards positive change. Mentors address the behaviors that resulted in their referral, but are also able to help them in dealing with life issues that are contributing to their poor choice making.

Mentors meet with kids at school during study hall. When that is not possible, mentors work with the young adults to meet at other public venues, such as the library, Boys & Girls club, park, etc. Mentors do not meet with the young adults at their residence, nor provide transportation.

Prerequisite: It is recommended that potential mentees attend an Accountability Workshop before being matched with an accountability mentor.

Program cost: (none)

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